your songs deserve to sound their best.


You’ve worked hard on your songs.

The mixing & mastering process can make or break them.

Let me help you put your best foot forward.

I understand how you feel about your songs. I’m a songwriter, too. You’ve put your heart and soul into them and you want everybody to hear them the way you do in your head.

That involves having a professional mix & master. I will work with you to get the final product that you want and deserve.

Let’s create something that you’re proud of.


My Services



I will take your recorded tracks (from your bedroom or a professional studio) and bring them to life with my mixing process.



My mastering process is crucial to my sound and complements my mixes. I will give you masters that translate to all different media.
(CD, digital download, streaming)



Is your song just not quite there? I can take your raw tracks and tighten them to give you that professional sound. This includes drum tightening and vocal tuning.

Work Samples

by Grand Lake Mixing



Chad “Hatch” Harnett holds a diploma in sound recording and production and has studied under the tutelage of gold-record winning audio engineer Scott Hammond (Great Big Sea's The Hard and the Easy).

Starting as a singer/songwriter and now working as a mixing/mastering engineer, Harnett has been writing, producing, and engineering music since the release of his debut album "Be." in 2010.




“In this line of work, I firmly believe that Chad ‘Hatch’ Harnett is the best producer/sound engineer in the industry... Chad is extremely professional, very friendly, highly knowledgeable in his craft... three things that stood out the most every time I was in the studio with Chad were his patience, his open mindedness and his highly contagious work ethic... To anyone reading this right now, I guarantee you that Chad “Hatch” Harnett is the best in the business.... I would 100% recommend him to anyone out there looking for a producer/sound engineer.”

- The Scaletta

“Having the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgable and professional as Hatch Harnett not only brought me an impeccable production, it also gave me a learning experience - and a memorable one at that. His knowledge of the theory and practice of audio production and post-production - combined with his patience and drive to get the best out of artists - makes me him an essential person to work with in my opinion. You can’t get much better.”

- Don Mackey (Don & The Mob)


“Working with Hatch Harnett was effortless. His patience and insight were instrumental in taking our music and elevating it to a new level. His ideas are fresh and tasteful all at once, and we ended up with a song that sounded better than I had even hoped it would.”

— James Grudic (CHONGO)

“I had a lot of fun working with Chad... Chad brought myself and our friend Baraka (The Scaletta) together because he knew we would work and sound great together on an R&B type song. He’s got an excellent ear for these types of things... He was very open minded in the studio during our arranging and writing sessions, tossing in some of his own lyrical ideas for the bridge of the song. During recording, Chad was super helpful with little tips and strategies on how to capture the right vocal take... What Chad did with the mixing and mastering of the tune is beautiful. When I heard the final version I was elated... Chad is definitely an excellent person to work with as a producer and engineer... When working with Chad, studio sessions will flow more than smoothly, and if you’re in it for the mixing and mastering as well, prepare to hear yourself sound like a pro.”

— Reggie Morales

“Chad ‘Hatch’ Harnett demonstrated great knowledge of the studio and equipment he chose to use for my recording. His understanding of the music as a whole and various other genres allowed for a greater creative perspective of the project. Chad was very punctual and treated all musicians in his studio with equal respect... I must add, I sent Chad’s recording to a friend of mine, located in Iowa, who is a very popular studio musician and author: Mr. Larry Jordan. Jordan possesses great knowledge of the genre of classic country and admitted to me that Chad’s work emulated the exact sound that Patsy Cline would have used with her producer, Owen Bradley. I hope to work with Mr. Harnett again in the future and would highly recommend his services.”

— Caitlin Pike

“Hatch Harnett is very professional and easy to work with. He is forthright, yet a careful listener. He is detail-focused and results-driven. He is willing to get inside the mindset and heart of the artist, while keeping a close eye on the quality of sound. He is efficient and responsive, works at your pace, and most importantly, because he is an artist himself, appreciates what you are trying to achieve artistically. “

— Mitchell Spencer (ubiquitous gazelle)


If you’re still on the fence, let me show you what I can do with your music. I will test mix/master your song for free before you decide to buy.